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White bean and beef broth with cumin recipe

Homemade One-Pot Soup – From Leah Koenig’s latest cookbook, Portico: Cooking and Feasting in the Jewish Kitchen of Rome—much brighter than the short ingredient list might indicate. It’s all thanks to a slow flavor-building technique with beef, aromatics, spices, and citrusy tomatoes.

This stellar dish resembles beef and chili and is a hallmark of Jewish-Libyan cuisine in Rome, which, Koenig writes, “boasts an abundance of meats, vegetables, and legumes—a saucy, spicy mixture that pairs perfectly with couscous.” This version contains tomatoes, cumin, and hot paprika, giving it particularly deep and warm flavors. “With a combination of tender beef and white beans swimming in a velvety sauce,” Koenig adds, “it’s a staple on Saturday and holiday tables.”

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