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Stablecoin Num issuance partners with TruBit to accelerate NARS adoption

Num Finance, an Argentina-based stablecoin issuer, has partnered with cryptocurrency exchange TruBit to accelerate the adoption of nARS in Latin America.

According to the advertisementThe alliance aims to integrate NARS, a Num Finance stablecoin, into the TruBit Pro Exchange trading platform. Being part of Num Finance’s expansion strategy, the partnership will provide users with flexible access to NARS on the exchange.

Num Finance to strengthen its stable footprint in Latin America with TruBit Pro

The partnership marks a major milestone in Num Finance’s expansion plan as it intends to provide more benefits to NARS users. Also, it is a strategic way to achieve Num Finance’s goal of expanding trading opportunities for stablecoin users.

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In addition, the listing of nARS on the TruBit exchange expands its presence in the market, making it available to more users through various offers as the partnership will allow users to deposit, withdraw and trade NARS on TruBit.

The cryptocurrency exchange also revealed that its platform will allow users to participate in nARS to earn staking returns. Users only need to hold NARS in their wallets for a specified period to earn this staking return.

Similarly, the addition of USDT/nARS trading pairs will enhance the order book trading feature. It also enhances Num’s reach to a broader market and allows users to transfer money faster and more efficiently. The combination of these utilities fosters a system that encourages users to maximize the use and benefits of the NARS stablecoin.

According to the official press releaseNum Finance executives expressed their excitement about the TruBit partnership and reaffirmed their commitment to expanding the Num Finance network globally.

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Num Finance and Trubit to provide great financial solutions for the disadvantaged in Latin America

Num Finance provides a network of financial solutions to solve monetary challenges in underprivileged areas. Launched in 2022, nARS is an Argentine peso-pegged stablecoin created on the Polygon network to connect traditional finance to cryptocurrency. Stablecoin services primarily focus on helping Latin American (Latin America) users access high-quality financial products such as returns and loans.

Regarding the recent partnership, TruBit officials noted that the exchange’s vision aligns with Num’s as both companies focus on LATAM.

In addition, they highlighted the potential growth that may come from the listing of USDT/nARS pairs. According to the officials, the option to earn a return made available to users via the USDT/nARS pair will protect users from inflation.

Trubit crypto exchange has subsidiaries in several Latin American countries, including Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, where it aims to provide LATAM users with convenient, flexible and comprehensive crypto trading services.

Meanwhile, the LATAM region is a cryptocurrency streaming hub. Being the seventh largest cryptocurrency market in the world, Latin America has become the hub for many cryptocurrency exchanges.

decomposition data It revealed that Latin America received $562 billion in crypto assets between July 2021 and June 2022. This statistic represents an annual growth of 40%.

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