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Scallops and chorizo ​​in tomato sauce recipe

This recipe proves that spiced bacon and fluffy oysters are a match made into one-night dinner heaven in one skillet. You’ll start by searing the scallops on one side over high heat to create a golden brown crust, then make a sauce of salty chorizo, lots of garlic, and bright golden sun tomatoes (you can use any variety of cherry tomato, but this vibrant color can’t be beat) yellow). Stew the scallops back into the sauce in the last few minutes to cook them up and serve them with toast for a bright, satisfying meal that comes together in just 20 minutes.

It’s worth seeking out Spanish chorizo—a firm, bacon-like product like salami—for this dish, if you can. Unlike Mexican chorizo, which is raw ground pork sold loose or in sausage casings, the Spanish variety is well-brined and already cooked, so it only requires a minute or two in the skillet to soften and baste some flavorful fat. With your own aromatic sauce base.

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