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Salmon Coconut Curry Recipe | in good health

Infused with the richness of coconut milk and the strong flavor of lemon and ginger, this Thai-style salmon curry recipe from the book by Emma Till Lukitis and Claire Neaton The Salmon Sisters: Harvest and Legacy Perfect for displaying wild salmon, such as Sockeye or Coho. But there’s one major rule you can’t break: Use full-fat coconut milk. Wild salmon, which is less fatty than its farmed counterparts, requires the lush texture of regular coconut milk to ensure it doesn’t dry out. (Low-fats are also thickened with stabilizers that can break down and cause flavors to disappear in the finished dish.) Plus, simmering poached wild salmon fillets in coconut curry sauce keeps the fish tender and the butter tender.

When shopping for fish, choose skinless fillets. If you can’t find one, ask the fish butcher at the grocery store to remove the skin for you. Or just poach pieces of salmon with the skin on. It will be easier to remove them after the fish is cooked. (It’s also good to eat).

The surprising ingredient here might be honey. Rather than making the gravy noticeably sweet, it simply removes the savory spice and heat created by the red curry paste and fresh chilies. Fragrant jasmine rice makes a natural complement to ready-made weeknight coconut curry salmon, but any long-grain white rice will do. Similarly, you can substitute basil with whatever tender herbs you have in your garden or fridge drawer: fresh cilantro, mint, chives, or a combination will all add the needed finishing touch.

For more salmon curry recipes, try the salmon baka, an East African fish curry that starts with crispy salmon fillets, or this rice bowl with salmon and spinach in a Thai curry.

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