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Jose Ramirez gets a 3-match suspension reduced to 2 punches by Tim Anderson

Jose Ramirez hit Tim Anderson in one of MLB’s fiercest brawls in years and reportedly won against MLB on Saturday.

First off, a three-game ban from last Saturday’s fight that derailed a game between the Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Guardians, Ramirez has been suspended to two games. Zack Maisel athlete.

Ramirez will serve out his suspension on Saturday and Sunday against the Tampa Bay Rays, where he was allowed to play while pending an appeal.

Anderson was also suspended for six matches, but the outcome of his appeal is still unknown. Guards pitcher Emanuel Clasie has already been banned for one game, having opted not to appeal, while Guardians head coach Terry Francona, White Sox manager Pedro Grifoll and Guardians third base coach Mike Sarbo have not been able to appeal their one-game suspensions (coaches can’t). ). MLB Suspension Appeal).

That wave of discipline, which also included fines for White Sox pitcher Michael Kopech and Guardians outfielder Gabriel Arias, stemmed from a bizarre chain of events that began when Ramirez doubled and slid into second base next to Anderson. Ramirez he said through an interpreter after the match that he had told Anderson earlier in the match that he was tagging players too hard, at which point Anderson apparently came to terms with the situation.

Ramirez returned the gesture, then scored a knockdown that sent Anderson to the floor where he was pulled away by Kopech. It only evolved from there, and Anderson was trash talking after that out of the field by colleague Andrew Vaughn.

Cleveland Guardians' Jose Ramirez, center, and Chicago White Sox' Tim Anderson (7) exchange punches in the sixth inning of a baseball game on Saturday, August 5, 2023, in Cleveland.  Michael Kubis of the White Sox, looking left.  (AP Photo/Sue Ogroki)

Jose Ramirez will only miss two games due to his fight with Tim Anderson. (AP Photo/Sue Ogroki)

The White Sox won the game 7-4, with Anderson refusing to speak to the media. Since then, his only public statements about the split have been a series of cryptic tweets that included statements like “You got me all (really)” And “The picture is bigger…

Despite him being the one who took the hardest hit in the fight, MLB clearly decided Anderson should be the instigator and hit him with more discipline. Ramirez’s suspension may be the biggest blow to his team as he hit .282/.357/.487 in another All-Star season, while Anderson posts career-worst numbers of .242/.285/.288.

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