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Ice cream cake and biscuit recipe

If you love picking crunchy crumbs from baked goods, this ice cream cake is for you. A single batch of the crackers—richly flavored with cocoa powder and espresso powder the Dutch way—are used three ways: They’re pressed into a shell to add texture, then folded into vanilla ice cream for a dreamy cookie-and-cream filling, and splattered across the cake as a Flintstones-like pebble topping. . Feel free to substitute another ice cream flavor if vanilla isn’t your speed; Chocolate and coffee are top competitors.

To keep the layers of fudge and ice cream crisp and distinct, don’t rush the freezing process. Giving each section enough time to set before adding the next ensures clean lines in the final slices. If you’re on a time crunch (or aesthetics are less important to you), you can get away with loading the pan a little faster. The ingredients may get mixed up, but is anyone mad about waffle crispy?

Like most ice cream cakes, this treat needs a full night of chilling in the freezer to completely set before serving. Once you get it out on a slide, keep an eye on it; Since it is almost ice cream, the cake will quickly lose its structure. Refrigerate again as needed for re-cooling.

For an ice cream cake with an artisanal cake (of course our editors have plenty of Thoughts about this), look no further than this Sprinkle-loaded recipe.

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